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Scar of the Sea

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Mikey Giugni started Scar of the Sea in 2012 making Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and cider with fruit from Santa Maria Valley and coast of San Luis Obispo. The wines are inspired by the influence of the Pacific Ocean and how it shapes the climate, soils, and geology of the coastal vineyards that fall under the spell of the fog each day. Mikey works with a small selection of vineyards who are working sustainably for the future, and that are practicing organic or biodynamic farming as a minimum. He's drawn older sites like Bien Nacido and Onitveros, planted in the 70s, which is relatively rare in California. He operates out of a small warehouse winery in San Luis Obispo, and makes wines with as little intervention as possible, using native yeast fermentations, mostly neutral oak barrels, no fining and rarely filtering, with just a responsible amount of SO2 used throughout the wine's life. The wines are made with the intention to tell a story of where they come from, the people who farm them, and to reflect each vintage under the California sun. These are pure, seductive wines with poise and balance.

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