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Zalto glassware hails from a tiny village in Austria close to the Czech border, and for generations were blown by artisans whose ancestral lines go back to the famous glass blowers of Venice. The original design came from the mind of Father Hans Denk over 20 years ago, and it was the first to combine unique angles with hand-blown craftsmanship, ultimately revolutionizing what a wine glass could be. Known as the Austrian "wine priest" (he was in fact a priest), Father Denk was inspired by the tilt of the Earth, and how using the Earth's angles in his design influenced the presentation of the wine. Famous for his incredible palate, Father Denk was relentless as he stretched the limits of form meeting function to create glass perfection. In the decades since, that pursuit has never ceased, with each style being fine tuned further, and where warranted, additional styles being added to the line, still inspired by his original groundbreaking design.


That the glass is lighter, thinner and more elegant in appearance is more than just an aesthetic ideal.

The lip of the glass is so thin that the wine is delivered more directly to the palate, so the glass itself doesn't stand in the way of the taste of the wine.  If you can imagine trying to sip a fine wine from a hefty beer mug, you can understand why this makes all the difference. The entire Zalto line is dishwasher safe and is, in fact, dishwasher safer. Hand washing the glasses can actually be riskier,

as pressure from within the glass or the creation of torque has a greater chance of causing breakage. The glasses are resistant to clouding and scratching and in tests have remained crystal clear for over a hundred passes through the dishwasher. Finally, all Zalto glasses are free of toxic lead. You can feel free to use your Zalto glassware as your "everyday" glass

as well as the glass for your most special occasions.

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