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Tarrica Cellars

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Tarrica Wine Cellars is a small, Family owned winery started in the Paso Robles Wine Country in 2000. Their winemaking is focused on showcasing the natural flavors of the grapes in a well-balanced, easy to enjoy style. Tarrica’s (Tare-ri-ca) grapes are farmed in the Paso Robles and Monterey Viticultural Areas, which are ideally suited for growing premium grapes. They produce hand crafted lots of Paso Robles and Monterey Appellation Wines. Nestled slightly inland, the warm, clear days are insulated from fog, clouds and severe winds so sufficient heat reaches the grapes. Following sunset, a marine layer moves over the Paso Robles Region and cools temperatures approximately 50 degrees, providing conditions conducive to maintaining outstanding acid structure and overall balance. Most consider this fluctuation to be a key component to the varietal character displayed in the resulting wines. Tarrica Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling grapes are grown in Monterey, where the long cool summer allows the grapes to achieve full maturity while retaining natural acidity. This results in well-balanced and fruit forward wines. “We create all Tarrica Wines to be both affordable and immediately enjoyable.” - Sam Balakian, Winemaker

Tarrica Wine Cellars also produces Olde Shandon Port and Koda Chocolate Port to satisfy that sweet tooth.

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