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"More than one thousand years ago, in A.D. 958 or 959, the Italian King Berengario II gave to Rambaldo, ancestor of the Collalto family, the area called Corte Lovadina. Written in Latin the words above are the description of the content of this donation. The Collalto family still owns this and the surrounding lands,

Just 45 miles due north of Venice, the Collalto estate stretches from the hills of Susegana to the plains of Santa Lucia di Piave and as far as the municipality of Pieve di Soligo. Its 3,200 acres are home to animals such as horses, cattle, swine and sheep, with arable fields and hills marked by woodlands, castles, vineyards, agritourism and farmhouses.

The signs of history, culture and nature co-exist with farming practices that fully respect what is a centuries-long tradition passed down by the Collato family. Ninni and Caterina di Collalto, together with their mother Trinidad and Caterina’s husband, Lodovico Giustiniani, carry on the family traditions of overseeing a company diverse in agriculture. The company philosophy is firmly rooted in sustainable farming methods. This means limiting environmental impact and reducing pesticides. It means creating energy through the use of renewable sources. It means protecting the countryside, preserving it, improving it and revering it.

Environmental responsibility pervades the work carried out on the farm and takes shape in the use of renewable sources for the production of agri-energy. Fresh from the fields and farms come produce that is unique in its authenticity and traceability, such as meats, salamis, flours, and cheeses."

- The Sorting Table

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