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Alexandro Sherry

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Alexandro was created to fill a niche in the market of Sherries that is really meant to introduce this incredibly complex beverage to a range of wine consumers that have yet to find a passion for the wonderful world of Sherry. Estebe Salgado is from San Sebastien, Spain, but has lived in the Washington DC area since college and started a Spanish wine import company called Tradewinds Specialty. This quickly led to a close relationship with the famous Hidalgo la Gitana Sherry house of Sanlucar de Barrameda. In 2010 he partnered with them to create the Alexandro brand, focusing on a fresh and approachable style that is higher in acidity, a fantastic fit for cocktail programs, and at a sensational value that still gives everything this famous winery has to offer. Hidalgo is focused on the entire production of their Sherry from start to finish, beginning with very sustainable practices and organic farming of their own fruit, natural ferments for the base wines, as well as aging in their century-old barrels in their solera system.Bon Vivant Imports has now partnered with Tradewinds Specialty to bring the entire country this fantastic and very drinkable range of Alexandro Sherries.

- Alexandro Sherry

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