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Rocca di Castagnoli

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Rocca di Castagnoli: A historic medieval fortress and birthplace of Castagnoli hamlet. Owned by noble families like the Tempi and Ricasoli, it thrived as the economic heart of the village. Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo commended its exceptional land management in 1773. Since 1981, our family revitalized the estate, preserving its centuries-old production excellence. Nestled in Chianti Classico, the village boasts Etruscan roots, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. Our 850-hectare farm spans elevations from 380 to 860 meters, with 92 hectares of Sangiovese vines, the essence of Tuscan wines. Innovative cellar renovations and barrique aging in the medieval fortress have yielded wines of enduring character and balance.

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