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Ritme Celler

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"The name of the Priorat region has been linked to the idea of wine for centuries.

The combination of land, climate, a mountainous geography and the work of the men and women who have produced it, following the techniques of an age-old tradition but today with the help of technology adapted to what its quality demands, have given us an authentic and exclusive product: the wine of the Priorat.

In 2010, Albert Jané wanted the unique experience of making wine and tending vineyards in the Priorat, an area close to, but very different from, Montsant. He wanted to share the first experiences he had had in Penedès from 1996 when he started his family business, then in the Montsant from 2004 and, in 2010, also in Priorat in order to close the circle.

The project began in Poboleda, but in 2012 he set up the winery in the beautiful, unique La Vilella Alta, in an old building that has now been completely refurbished."

- Ritme Celler

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