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Gregory Perrucci, vintner and visionary behind Felline, transcends the role of a winemaker, gaining global acclaim through Accademia dei Racemi. A pioneer in championing the Primitivo grape in Puglia, the region historically associated with bulk wine, Perrucci's research organization revolutionized winemaking. Leading a consortium of wineries exploring soil analysis, they shaped Southern Italian wine culture, focusing on native, lesser-known grapes like Negramaro and Sussumaniello. Notably, their efforts transformed Malvasia Nera and introduced Verdeca and Vermentino. Beyond viticulture, Felline proudly inaugurates "Spacio Primitivo," an event venue housed in the historic wine factory of Costantino Perrucci, a nod to Puglia's winemaking heritage and the ongoing pursuits of Accademia dei Racemi.

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