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Domaine Tortochot

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Gevrey Chambertin has a rare and unique Terroir thanks to the alluvial fan that comes from a valley situated just behind (to the west) of Gevrey called “La Combe de Lavaux”. This glacier melted many millions of years ago and spread the rich top and sub-soil layers out through what is now the town to the plains beyond. It is not surprising to find that 9 of the 33 Grand Crus come from this village including the famous Chambertin as well as 26 Premier Crus ! The town also boasts over 100 wine estates ! The Domaine Tortochot is one of the more famous estates in the area and has been in the Tortochot family for 4 generations. When talking about her style of Pinot Noir, Chantal Tortochot, the head of the domain, explains: “Here we make a more traditional Gevrey Chambertin, with lots of fruit, strong tannins and good acidity.”

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