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Domaine Roger & Didier Raimbault

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1960 : 2 hectares of vines were cultivated by hand and by horse. They also owned a little herd of goats.

1966 : Saw the arrival of the enjambeur tractor (specially designed for cultivating vines), this is when vine plantings started to increase.

1995 : Roger’s vineyard extended over 7.5 hectares

1996 : His son Didier came to work at the domain and took-over 6.5 hectares of vines from one of his uncles who went into retirement.

Following further planting, the area under vine has increased to 17.5 hectares. There are 51 different parcels of vines planted on rugged hillsides in the districts of Verdigny, Sury and Vaux.

These hilly sites are at between 200 to 400 metres in altitude, with up to 40% slope. This offers great variation in terms of land exposure and terroirs, which adds complexity and authenticity to our wines.

The Raimbault family has been growing grapes in the Verdigny district of France for ten generations.

Experience, technical know-how and nature combine to allow us to produce wines of great quality,
respecting the typical characteristics of each vintage.

The estate is located in the heart of the Sancerre vineyard.

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