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Domaine Passy Le Clou

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From Mary Taylor Wine: Beaujolais winemaker, Marine Descombe, purchased this small estate in the village of Beine in 2017. Passy Le Clou is an old family winery, formerly owned by respected Chablis winemaker Gérard Patrice. Having no children to pass it on to, he sold to Marine, who is deeply invested in preserving the history and the land of this domaine. She follows strict environmental guidelines to preserve the health of the soil and wildlife. Soils are tilled to avoid using herbicides by improving their aeration, soil structure, and water conservation. Natural hedges stimulate biodiversity, and only natural fertilizers and cover crops are used. An artificial lake helps moderate the climate and protect against the severe frosts of this northerly region.

Passy Le Clou’s 30 hectares are spread over 21 individual plots, which Marine vinifies separately (with a small team of just 7 people) to showcase the individual expression of the terroir.

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