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Domaine Pélaquié

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Domaine Pélaquié, located in the southern part of the ‘Côtes-du-Rhône’ produces the full range of wines of the right bank of the Rhône.
The estate stretches on 100 hectares whose the main part is surrounding the family house located in Saint-Victor-La-Coste in the department of Gard.
In the private cellar, Luc Pélaquié and his team nurture and age with passion two ‘grands crus’, Lirac and Tavel but also Cotes-du-Rhone-Villages-Laudun and Cotes-du-Rhone at all. The winery also produces high quality IPG wines, reds and whites. About ten diferent grape varieties are cultivated on the vineyard ; mainly grenache noir, syrah and mourvedre for the reds and grenache blanc, clairette, viognier and so many for the whites.
Luc Pélaquié loves round and unctuous white wines and he knows how to do them brilliantly. He has this extraordinary patience to succeed in a late harvest in October because it is the guarantee of white wines with an intense and fresh nose and long finish. We also produce excellent red and rosé wines. Passionate about our profession, each year we try to create subtle and daring blends.

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