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Domaine Jean Vesselle

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Jean Vesselle's selections from Champagne are special. While there is plenty of wonderful bubbly created by some of the more “famous” Champagne houses, what we look for are wines made by families who both farm their own lands and make their own wine. This is called “grower Champagne” and for us, represents the real quality and magic of fine Champagne. Take a look at any bottle of Champagne we carry and you’ll notice the words “récoltant-manipulant” or the initials, “RM” on the label. A récoltant-manipulant is a winemaker who not only makes and bottles his or her own wine, but grows the grapes as well. Each of our partners gets their hands dirty in the fields, pruning and harvesting, and then again in the cellars. They’ve dedicated their lives to pulling the utmost personality from the grand cru soils of the top Champagne villages. Their passion shines brightly in each golden glass of wine and in each precise, delightful bubble. Yet when we look for Champagne to bring to you, we’re not looking for merely effervescence—we’re seeking superior wine. Our motto is simple: wine first, bubbles second.

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