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Domaine des Herbauges

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Situated 12 kms (7.5 miles) away from Nantes, within a triangle between the Atlantic Ocean, the Loire River and the Lake of GrandLieu. Created in 1864, the estate has been run by the CHOBLET Family for five generations. Nowadays, 2 generations of the family are still sharing and providing their respective experience to the profit of this great vineyard, certainly the most prestigious and reputed of the Muscadet Côtes de GrandLieu Appellation. While using up to date technologies to allow separated vinification and expression of the richness and diversity of each precise “terroir” and parcel, the CHOBLET Family pays particular attention to and respects the environment. The full vineyard is cultivated using Sustainable Agriculture practices since 1980...and now, certified TERRA VITIS.

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