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Domaine de Saje

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Jérôme Mathieu, the proprietor of Domaine de Saje, hails from the oldest winemaking family in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. After an amicable split with his brother in 2015, Jérôme revitalized his grandfather's cellar in the village center, crafting wines under the label "Saje" from the 2013 vintage onward. The name, derived from his wife, son, and his own initials, also plays on the French word "sage," meaning wise. A staunch traditionalist, Jérôme's 9.4-hectare estate includes 7.4 hectares in Châteauneuf-du-Pape and 2 hectares in Côtes du Rhône. Embracing a traditional approach, he co-plants all 13 permitted varietals across 26 parcels, promoting diversity and complexity. His wines, fermented spontaneously and aged in concrete vats and old foudres, reflect a classic Châteauneuf style, emphasizing ripeness, fruit, spice, and elegance without succumbing to overripeness. Jérôme's commitment to traditional winemaking resonates through his terroir-driven creations.

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