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Dawn Chorus

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"Grown inland about 20 miles from the sea and nestled at the bottom of uplifted limestone hills. This block is influenced by the river that used to flood across the valley floor 45,000 years ago, and even earlier and deeper than that as the entire area was a salt lake formed by seawater being trapped as Aotearoa was lifted out of the sea. The sea water is long gone, but as a result the soils are typically shallow river silts over greywacke stone and deep, slightly saline sub-soils. These soils, combined with a classically cool climate and low rainfall, produce grapes with moderate sugars, bright acidity and beautifully complex wines. A wine bursting with character, classic grapefruit and citrus notes, some minerality, passionfruit and gold melon flavours. A bright acidity a hint of crunchy phenolics make this a mouth filling, interesting and very drinkable Sauvignon Blanc."
- EliteWines

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