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Château Caronne Sainte Gemme

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The vineyard was first reported in 1648. Caronne is derived from "Carona", a local spring source, and Gemme a corruption of "James". In the middle-ages the locality was a parish on the grounds of a subsidiary to the Templar Headquarters. The Parish was abolished during the Revolution and at about this time, the first records of wine production appear. In 1900, ownership passed to Emile and Eugène Borie. Emile's descendents remain the sole owners of Caronne until this day. The winemaking team is composed of the owner, François Nony representing the fourth generation, a cellar master, Bruno Guyomar and an oenologist, Olivier Dauga.
Described by Tom Stevenson as "a superb island of vines on a gravel plateau south of St Julien estates" Château Caronne Ste Gemme takes pride in its deep gravel mounds which lie on a subsoil of iron rich sandstone to the east and clay to the west.

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