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Castello di Ama

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Ama, steeped in Etruscan history, blends art, landscape, and wine wisdom. Once owned by the Firidolfi family during the Holy Roman Empire, the original castle fell during Aragonese invasions. In the 1700s, new dwellings rose on its foundations, now part of Castello di Ama estate. Leopold II lauded the terrain in 1773. In the Seventies, Tomaso Carini and friends revived Ama, reshaping Chianti's fate. They replanted vineyards and built a pioneering fermentation cellar. Winemaker Marco Pallanti joined in 1982, honing his craft in Bordeaux. Lorenza Sebasti took over management in 1993, continuing a 40-year journey with Marco. The legacy thrives with the second generation of Carini, Tradico, and Sebasti families.

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