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From the Sorting Table: "Ernesto Dellapiana is known to say: “I have a crazy love for the earth.” Born in Alba, Italy in 1940 his passion for the land of the Langhe and winemaking drove him to reclaim a historic lost family property named Cascina Boito in 1984, the purchase of the Villa Manzola farm in 1997, and further acres of vineyard land in Treiso, Neive and Neviglie through 2016.

In 2004, following his older sister Jole, Enrico Dellapiana joined Rizzi as winemaker. He graduated from the University of Turin with a degree in Viticulture and Oenology. Enrico strives to make wines that are “alive”; clean, pure and elegant. As talented a painter as he is a winemaker, Enrico designs the Barbaresco Rizzi Riserva Boito labels for each vintage and hand paints each individual label for the limited magnum production of this special wine. His creative passions shine through in both his winemaking and artistic sensibilities.

Almost directly south of the classic town of Barbaresco lie the rolling hills of Treiso, a land steeped in Piedmont history. The Cascina Rizzi estate, one of the largest and most interesting in the Barbaresco area, is comprised of 40 total hectares (98.84 acres) located primarily in this famous Trieso zone. Elevation ranges between 200m and 430m (656ft and 1410.76ft), with 20 hectares (49.42 acres) of Nebbiolo planted. The vines produce elegant and sophisticated wines from the vineyard crus Rizzi (from which a Riserva Vigna Boito is also born), Pajoré, Nervo, Manzola, Giacone, and Bricco di Neive. An additional 20 hectares (49.42 acres) of the estate produce Langhe Nebbiolo, Dolceto D’Alba, Barbera D’Alba and Moscato D’Asti from vineyards in the nearby zone of Neviglie.

It is impossible to visit this very special zone of Barbaresco without traversing the impressive, steep, vine-clad hills of Treiso and partaking in the warm hospitality of their peoples. Their protection of this idyllic environment and the validation of the region and its estates are essential guidelines for the continued growth and work of the Rizzi winery and the Dellapiana family."

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