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Cantina Gaggiano, Alto Piemonte

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Cantina Gaggiano, rooted in the historic vineyards of Piedmont's Bramaterra, Gattinara, and Lessona, pays tribute to the legacy of Gervasio Fabris. After WWII, Gervasio cultivated vines while working in local factories, passing on his passion to his grandson, Marco. In 2014, Marco and his brother Claudio launched their winemaking journey, guided by their late father, Sandrine. The estate, named after Marco's home in Lessona, unites their dedication with the expertise of Pietro Mascazini and vineyard maestro Paolo Bonora. Consulting enologist Cristiano Garella adds a contemporary touch to the traditional terroir. Cantina Gaggiano stands as the sole domaine bottling these three revered appellations.

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