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brick & mortar wines

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Founded in 2011 by Matt and Alexis Iaconis, brick & mortar is a California winery rooted in French traditions, crafting vibrant, age-worthy wines with a focus on sparkling. The lowercase name reflects their philosophy of minimal intervention, showcasing the vineyard's essence. Inspired by a shared love for vintage champagne and white Burgundy, their journey led to creating exceptional Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and sparkling wines from select Northern California sites. With 50% of production now dedicated to sparkling, their wines are made using the traditional method, emphasizing precision and site expression. The commitment to quality extends to reducing single-vineyard wine production, incorporating new techniques, and aging in barrel and bottle. Guided by values of transparency, relationships, sustainability, and community, brick & mortar reflects honesty, hard work, and intentionality in both process and product.

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