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Bodega Tajinaste

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Named for the beautiful flower that grows on Tenerife (which is also depicted on the labels), Tajinaste is run by the indefatigable Agustín García Farrais. He works alongside his parents, Cecila (“Chilla”) and Agustín Snr., who are both sevety years old going on thirty. The bodega was started by Agustín’s grandfather. They own three hectares in the Valle de la Orotava, and their oldest vines were planted in 1914. Many are trained on the very traditional method of ‘cordon trenzado’, or “braided cordon”, a method of training vines where their branches intertwine with each other creating a sprawling plant that grows on the ground. Historically vines were trained like that so that they could easily be moved and rearranged in order to allow other crops to be planted in the same plot.

Having trained in Bordeaux, Agustín is a precise winemaker. He vinifies each parcel separately, which has allowed him to get to know the character of each vineyard so well that he can masterfully blend extremely consistent and beguiling wines year after year.

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