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Maggie's Farm Distillery

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Founded in October 2013, Allegheny Distilling, situated in Pittsburgh's historic Strip District, is the proud maker of Maggie's Farm Rum, Pennsylvania's first post-Prohibition craft rum. Renowned for producing award-winning rums, the distillery emphasizes transparency, eschewing corporate gimmicks. Tim Russell, the original founder, transitioned from a corporate role to self-employment, channeling his passion into crafting quality spirits. Operating without external funding, Maggie's Farm has expanded its reach to 14 states, earning global acclaim. The distillery, displayed behind the tasting room's bar, showcases a commitment to authenticity. Using Louisiana turbinado for distillation, their rums undergo meticulous processes, resulting in naturally dry products. The future holds plans for a larger production facility, reflecting their dedication to exceptional craftsmanship.

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