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Åhus Distillery

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From Åhus: Åhus is a tiny seaside village in the southern Sweden region of Skåne. At the center of Åhus lies the Spiritchurch. Built in 1906, this four-story copper distillery has been been home to generations of craftsmanship and continues to operate today. Although for much of the 20th century, all Swedish aquavits were produced here, now we make only one; Åhus Akvavit, a modern expression of our heritage.

Team Åhus Akvavit is small but mighty! We share a passion for exploring Sweden’s terroir and introducing its spirit and traditions to our global community. As travelers and curious imbibers ourselves, we set out to honor our heritage of craftsmanship and innovation by taking a fresh look at aquavit and reimagining its role in today’s cultural fabric.

Working with botanicals foraged and cultivated locally, we’re dedicated to discovering all the different ways our native plant life can be expressed through the distillation process. Teasing out delicate flavors and harnessing bold ones. Capturing ephemeral blooms at their peak, fruit at perfect ripeness and all the interesting moments in between. These experimental macerates and distillates are catalogued and stored in our distillate library in Åhus, where we use them to create new blend prototypes and continue pushing the boundaries of Swedish aquavit.

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