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Weingut Jurtschitsch

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Jurtschitsch Winery, based in Langenlois, Austria, epitomizes the essence of Austrian wine culture. Helmed by Alwin and Stefanie Jurtschitsch, the estate pioneers a unique approach to premium winemaking. Their ethos centers on crafting authentic, terroir-driven wines with a sleek, refined style, allowing Langenlois' diverse appellations to shine individually. Rooted in tradition, their practices emphasize organic farming, nurturing robust soils, and employing minimal cellar intervention. Alwin and Stefanie's global wine exploration led them to prioritize sustainable practices, emphasizing the pivotal role of healthy vines and soils. By incorporating natural fertilizers like cow dung and interspersing peach trees and vineyard garlic, they aim to foster a self-sufficient vineyard ecosystem, ultimately producing wines of exceptional depth and character. In the cellar, a philosophy of minimal interference prevails, with wines undergoing spontaneous fermentation and judicious sulphurization before bottling. This harmonious interplay between vineyard conditions, reverence for nature, delicate vinification, and an innovative spirit defines the Jurtschitsch legacy of crafting wines of unparalleled excellence.

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