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Domaine Nicolas-Jay

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Nicolas-Jay: A Pinot Noir passion project uniting Jean-Nicolas Méo of the esteemed Méo-Camuzet estate, music industry icon Jay Boberg, and hands-on winemaker Tracy Kendall. Their Willamette Valley blend incorporates fruit from eight carefully selected vineyards, including the acid-rich Momtazi, tightly-spaced Nysa, and elevated Knight’s Gambit. Bishop Creek, tended organically since 2014, reflects their commitment to sustainability. Méo and Kendall craft wines inspired by Burgundian tradition, exemplified by the 2015 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir's layered raspberry, clove, and cherry tobacco notes, the vibrant Momtazi with gamey, rhubarb, and stone fruit nuances, and the finesse-driven Bishop Creek boasting blue and black fruit interwoven with floral and berry tones.

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